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Nairobi - Kenya


RFID has the potential to save organizations time and money by providing real-time traceability, identification and location data for people and resources.

BT Identity Solution is designed and engineered with the aim of offering fast and reliable user verification in both industrial, corporate  and residential environments.

Our verification solution ensures that business owners can focus on diversifying their service offerings with the assurance of safer and fraud less  platforms.

Key Features
  • Supported Cards & Credentials :- HID Seos® Card and HID Seos® Key Fob currently supported – Credentials support can be added as a customized solution.
  • Biometrics :- BT Identity supports international fingerprint biometric standards ( ISO 19794-2:2005 and ANSI 378 ) offering a wide range of integration possibilities with third party software and hardware. – Proprietary standards can be supported as customized solution.
  • Multi-application :- Our solution supports data storage for multiple applications beyond traditional identity and access control, such as time and attendance, cashless vending and biometric templates.
  • Cross Platform :- BT Identity works across Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows and Linux. With our own BT V11® handheld device you can take verification with you anywhere anytime.
  • Highly Secure :- Seos is Secure Identity Object® (SIO)-enabled, allowing for multi-layered security beyond the card technology and protecting identity data from unauthorized access.
  • QR PIN :- The solution supports optional Quick Response PIN verification for added security or as a secondary verification in the event of the smart chip verifications are inaccessible.
  • Database-less Verification  :- BT identity can optionally operate in match on device mode without a link to a central database making it useful in remote areas which lack internet connection. This also reduces the points of attack for the system making it more secure.

Government :- BT identity solution is capable of delivering secure Identity verification for citizens across an entire country regardless of location as well as for government agencies personnel.

Education :- Need a secure eco system for student identity, time and attendance, access control and payments processing? -BT identity integrates all this together making it perfect for any institution.

Corporate :- BT identity can be integrated into time and attendance systems, access control systems, royalty program systems, payment processing systems e.t.c.