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How to start an ecommerce Business and the best platforms to consider.

Electronic Commerce (eCommerce) or internet commerce is the selling and buying of products and services using the internet and the transfer of money for transaction execution. Generally, eCommerce is the selling of physical products online. Starting an eCommerce business is exciting since you choose a business name, create a logo, and branding and build a […]

Tech Trends

What is Long-Range Wi-Fi and how does it work?

A long-range WIFI network extends WIFI connection to give accessibility to a miles away network. The strength of grabbing a signal depends on the type of antenna and any obstructions that can block WIFI signals like walls, barriers, trees, and buildings.Network extender systems include: Long-range point-to-point networks– is a bridge connection between two buildings. Bridge […]

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What is Metaverse? How can I benefit?

The word “metaverse” is the latest buzzword to take control of the tech industry to a point where one of the best-known platforms has rebranded to show the embracing of futuristic data. The Metaverse combines several technology elements, including virtual and augmented reality, where users “live” within a digitally enabled universe. According to Victoria Petrock, […]